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PMI'S PMP is globally recognized as one of the challenging certifications that needs lot of skills, hard work, and years of experience for sitting in the examination. Once you get PMP tag with your name, it displays your ability to understand the global language of the project and also highlights your ability to have the best project management knowledge.

I have done my PMP Training in Washington DC. Today I will share my views about the PMP examination , and what’s the importance of PMP for the professional in the field of Project Management. Taking opinions of many certified PMP and some non-certified ones got some conclusions which I will put in front of you today.

Talking about the exam first, sitting in the exam is an overwhelming task always no matter whether you are going for your university exams or something important as PMI’s PMP exam! Well, everyone has his own study habits but still we find some common habits list which is marked as the important one for cracking any exams.

PMP exam is conducted by PMI, once you have gone through the 35 hours training program. Apply for the exam through PMI official website, fill your form, choose the nearest test-center and then fasten your belt and get determined for the exam. It is concluded as one of the top10 toughest exams but with commitment and determination, it’s never hard! It is well said “knock and the doors will be opened for you”!

It is 4 hours online computer based exam held to assess and evaluate your skills and talent from the 10 project management knowledge areas and 5 project management techniques. The Exam consists of 200 questions of which 25 are the pretest questions which are not going to affect your marking. So you need to be focused on those 175 questions and try to answer all the questions in time as there is no negative marking for the wrong answers.

Now what and how can we prepare for the PMP exam?????

Self-study, no doubt is always regarded as the best mode of study for achieving success! But sometime we need proper guidance and a direction to follow the path leading towards our success.

1) COMMITMENT: -Of course, it’s the first and most important thing needed if you want to be a PMP certified. Commitment to yourself, make the decision and then accordingly take the action! Tell your spouse, family, boss, and co-workers that you are going to take the PMP exam, ask them about your study plan and gain their moral support.  
Success is awarded to those who dream of endless possibilities, who through determination and perseverance continue climbing mountains and following rainbows”

2) FOCUS ON YOUR TRAINING COURSES: - Many training companies are there available who can provide you the training of PMP courses. These training courses are crucial as they enhance your knowledge and expertise over the areas highlighted in the PMBOK guide issued by PMI for PMP exam. The thing to be noticed here is of choosing the correct training center for you. Depending on your own ease, you can opt for online training or classroom training. These training courses also give you the required 35 hours certificate to write the exam.

3  ) FOLLOW PMBOK GUIDE & GO FOR PRACTICE QUESTIONS: - Once you are done with the training, follow and revise with the PMBOK guide. It will just boost up all your knowledge and skills what you have learned during your training and will be a key-factor in cracking the PMP exam. Try to solve more and more practice questions in order to get a brief idea regarding the exam pattern and concepts. 

4 ) TAKE REST, DON’T STUDY HARD: - Proper rest is much more needed than study. Don’t let the phobia of exam get over you. Take rest properly and schedule your time for regular study on daily basis. Remember “Rome was not built in a day”! 

5 ) BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: - You have finished your training, you have followed and practiced enough questions for PMBOK guide, you have that determination and confidence to get yourself a PMP certified! Just believe in yourself and face the exam confidently and get your PMP credentials.
There is no doubt with the fact that adding a PMP tag with you can lead towards many positive and beneficial aspects in your professional career. Some of the importance which you will feel after getting a PMP certified

1- ) looks great on the resume.
2- ) Proves you’re having the best project management experience and skills.
3- ) Help you in getting better and attractive salary packages as compared to the non-certified professionals.
4- ) Networking opportunities.
5- ) Shows your commitment towards the profession of project management.

These are some of the tips I found important to share with you guys regarding PMP exam and its importance through this article. If you feel I missed any other important tips, do comment below, your comments and thoughts always appreciated!!

#SUMMARY: - This article is about the PMP exam and its importance. What is PMP and how its exam is conducted, what are the advantages of having PMP tag with you, How to prepare well and get success while sitting in for the PMP exam. What impact can a PMP certificate put in your profile, how it can lead towards getting a hike in the salary and all these other importance of having the PMP tag with your name is discussed above in this article.

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